Level 1 Dungeon Mistress

I have been playing D&D for around a year now and I absolutely love it! My husband has been the DM the entire time that I have played and is amazing at it. Just about a month ago he decided that it was his turn to play and my turn to DM. He got a short pre-done adventure that I read for him and my four year old son. Before that night I never thought I would enjoy being the DM. For some reason I had it in my head that being the DM would be boring, being a player who gets to fling spells around and take out the bad guys seemed pretty hard to beat. By the time the adventure was over I was having such a great time I wanted to keep going.

This weekend I get my wish! I bought another adventure module (I’m not brave enough to make up my own world just yet) and have started to study it carefully. It’s a @goodmangames “Dungeon Crawl Classic – The Forgotten Portal” and there are quite a bit of names in it I’d rather note even attempt to pronounce, lol. This time I will be the DM not only for my husband but for a couple of friends of ours too. The extra people make me a little nervous seeing as how am I usually a very shy individual but I am also very excited. If all goes well I might be the new co-dungeon master for our regular weekly game. My husband has been trying to get someone to share the dungeon mastering with him for a while now. He loves being the DM but wants to be able to play too. Hopefully this will work out for everyone. Wish me luck!

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Christmas Time!

It’s Christmas time again and I’m more excited this year then I’ve been in a long time. I feel like a kid again counting down the days till Santa comes. Why am I crazy excited this year you ask? Well this is the first year that my little 3 year old really understands the whole Christmas concept. He’s no longer afraid of Santa. He went up and sat on his lap and told him he wants action figures (instead of the terrified screaming that happened last year). He helped me decorate the tree smiling the whole time telling my husband and I that this is the best Christmas ever. This year will also be my little 8 month old baby’s first Christmas which is always very exciting. Although at this age she will have absolutely no idea what is going on and will most definitely play with the wrapping paper more than the actual toys. A baby’s first Christmas is always so special and happy and since my 3 year old finally understands Christmas this year I feel like in a way its like his first Christmas too. I can’t wait to see their little faces light up on Christmas morning!

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Holiday Pictures

This year I had the brilliant idea of taking my own holiday pictures instead of getting them done professionally. I decided that I would take them in front of our Christmas tree in our living room. There is plenty of light and space and is the most decorated room so I figured it would be the perfect place for the holiday picture. I got my three year old son and my eight month old daughter all dressed up and ready to go. I set them down in front of the Christmas tree and then came the problems.

I realized that I would have a little trouble being that my children are both under the age of four but I thought I’d be able to do it. I was wrong. I don’t know how photographers do it. When I would finally get my eight month old to sit still and smile for a second my three year old would put his hands over his face or start moving his head all over. Ugh! After rearranging them multiple times and taking many bad pictures I’ve decided to give up. I think it is definitely worth it to pay a professional photographer.

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Sick of Waiting

I’m 39 weeks pregnant and a few days ago at my last doctors appointment my doctor said she thinks I won’t make it to my due date. However, I don’t think she’s right. I haven’t had anymore contractions and it feels like she’s never going to come. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to help. I know she has to come eventually but these last few weeks have been going by so slowly I just want her here already.

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Why You Shouldn't Dye Your Hair When You Are Pregnant

I decided I wanted my hair dyed and I didn’t want to wait until after the baby is born since I’ll be too tired and busy to think about my hair for at least the first month. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to hurt the baby so as soon as I got the OK from my doctor I decided on a color and finally dyed it yesterday. It turned out pretty well. I like the color even though it is a little dark I think it still looks good. Now I have a problem though. My hair smells. Apparently, when you die your hair it smells like dye for a couple days. That probably wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t pregnant but I am and smells make me nauseous. I’ve already washed and conditioned my hair and put some product in it but nothing is getting rid of the smell. I guess that’s what I get for being impatient.

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Tomorrow is my first wedding anniversary. It has  been one year since my husband and I tied the knot. I know I’m being repetitive but I still can’t believe that I’m married sometimes. It has been an amazing year. Not that I haven’t wanted to kill him at times (and I’m sure he has felt the same way about me) but at the end of the day there is no other guy I’d rather be with.

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Doctor Visit

Today I have my weekly appointment with my obgyn. Since I’m 37 weeks now I have weekly appointments instead of monthly. I know that she’s going to say that nothing has changed and she’ll see me next week. I kinda feel like its a waste of time. I just want to have her already! This last month seems to be dragging by so slowly and its driving me crazy!

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So tired!

I have to stop staying up so late. It wouldn’t be so bad if my two and a half year old didn’t wake me up super early every morning or if he would take naps.

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It is 2 AM and I’m pretty tired right now. I’m waiting for my husband to go to bed so I might be up for a while. Even though he has school in eight hours he probably won’t go to sleep until about 3:30 or 4 AM. He’s a night owl. I used to be a night owl as well until I became pregnant again and now I get sleepy very early. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant so I don’t sleep very well anymore anyway since my giant baby belly makes it difficult to get comfortable.

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Welcome to my blog my husband made for me. I might update it someday.

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