Christmas Time!

It’s Christmas time again and I’m more excited this year then I’ve been in a long time. I feel like a kid again counting down the days till Santa comes. Why am I crazy excited this year you ask? Well this is the first year that my little 3 year old really understands the whole Christmas concept. He’s no longer afraid of Santa. He went up and sat on his lap and told him he wants action figures (instead of the terrified screaming that happened last year). He helped me decorate the tree smiling the whole time telling my husband and I that this is the best Christmas ever. This year will also be my little 8 month old baby’s first Christmas which is always very exciting. Although at this age she will have absolutely no idea what is going on and will most definitely play with the wrapping paper more than the actual toys. A baby’s first Christmas is always so special and happy and since my 3 year old finally understands Christmas this year I feel like in a way its like his first Christmas too. I can’t wait to see their little faces light up on Christmas morning!

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